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Our systematic approach towards simplifying USA visa For Indians

One country in the world that everybody wishes to visit at least once in his/her lifetime is the United States Of America. Besides its national parks, beaches, forests, mountains, rivers, and canyons; this is the one country most of the people on earth wish to visit to live the ‘American Dream’ through earning money, wealth, and high status. The GRB Travels is committed to facilitating the necessary assistance and support to all aspiring USA visas for Indian applicants who wish to visit the USA for different purposes. The team of visa management professionals of GRB Travels provide necessary suggestions and guidance to every USA visa for Indian applicant to get him/her qualified and eligible to visit the USAThe team of USA visa management executives will help the aspiring USA visa for Indian applicants to approve their USA visa at the earliest by managing the USA visa application process smoothly.

USA Visa Application process: We keep it simple

The GRB Travels helps the USA visa for Indian applicants to expedite the USA visa application process by guiding them on the steps of online USA visa application and consulate/embassy interview for USA visa for Indian approval. Our primary objective is to make a USA visa for Indian applicant qualified and eligible to face every step of USA visa application process easily and successfully by educating the aspiring tourists, students, corporate persons and persons need medical help about the B1/B2 visas, proper documentation, and interview qualification. The USA visa application processing time usually takes 2-3 working days after the appointment and can be submitted from Monday to Friday. The visa applicant must pay the necessary USA tourist visa fees with the application.

Documents required for USA Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

To visit the United States Of America, a USA visa for Indian applicant must apply online to intimate the embassy and consulate officials of his/her willingness to visit the country. A USA visa for Indian applicant must attach the following documents for online USA visa application::-

But at the time of submission at OFC and US embassy and consulate the respective USA visa for Indian visitor and tourist must submit the following documents:

Additional documents required to get USA visa for Indians:-

Basic requirement to visit USA?

The USA visa for Indian tourists must have to fulfill some basic criteria and requirements to ensure his/her state visit. The requirements include: 

  • The USA visa for Indian applicants must have a valid passport and a USA tourist visa.
  • The USA visa for Indian applicants should maintain good health before visiting the USA.
  • The USA visa for Indian applicant should have the knowledge and capacity to convince the immigration officer that once the visit is over he/she will definitely come back to India and the visa applicant has his/her family, friends, and asset in India where he/she has to return.
  • The ability and efficiency to convince the embassy official that he/she will leave the USA before the visa is expired.
  • The USA visa for Indian applicants must have sufficient monetary support to visit the USA and stay over there.

The USA visa for Indian applicant must remember the following things after his/her landing in the USA.

  1. Keep The passport, destination form given in the flight, and visa form with yourself.
  2. Keep the return ticket, hotel booking confirmation receipt and other documents ready in case the immigration officer want them to be checked and verified.
  3. In case the traveler is an unaccompanied minor, he/she must stay with the flight attendant, and once arrived the minor must recognize the person picking his/her up at the airport.

Why visit USA?

The country that is commonly known as America or the US covers most of the North American continent. For a tourist and traveler, the USA means the ocean of tourist spots and areas which is impossible to cover at one visit. The country is full of historical icons, natural wonders, and some of the renowned rivers, falls, forests, and sea beaches. The country is famous for its city life and the home of some futuristic modern cities fame across the world. For a traveler, it’s impossible to ignore the attraction of the USA and it’s the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any visitor to travel the USA at least once in his/her lifetime. The country is considered to be the world’s most powerful country in terms of economics and defense. Some of the important locations and tourist attractions include the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Statue Of Liberty, White House, Golden Gate Bridge, Capitol hills, Yellowstone National Park, and many more iconic places.


For those who wish to travel to the United States temporarily, there are more than 20 non-immigrant visas available for them. However, there are more types of visas in the immigrant category, applicable to those who wish to enter the country with a purpose to live permanently. Your purpose for the visit determines the visa type.

First of all, you should not panic at all because you will be able to stay in the United States, even your visa expires during the time you are traveling in the USA. The immigration officers from Homeland security and customs and border protection at the port-of-entry record your entrance by stamping on the admission paper form I-94. So it is vital for you to keep this form carefully attached to your passport during your stay. Even if your visa expires, this paper can save you from unnecessary trouble.

The B1/B2 is a special kind of visa that allows any foreign nationals to enter the USA for the activities like traveling, medical care, participating in a conference, seminar, and convention, music events, sports, and any other similar events.

In order to qualify for the US visa, the visitor must ensure he/she enters the country for the purposes of a business, visa, or medical treatment. Moreover, it is necessary to convince the visa officer that you plan to remain in the USA for a specific time frame and you will leave the country when your visa expires. In addition, it is essential to showcase that you have a permanent residence in your home country and you have family, friends, and all sorts of emotional ties that will ensure your return to your country.


In general, most Us visa applications are processed within two to three working days. Sometimes there are some additional formalities and processing for which it may take up to 12 weeks. Besides, there are long queues for the visa appointment. So you need to start the application process as fast as you can with about 3 months’ time in hand.

Yes. Off-course you can. According to the recent amendment to the US immigration laws and regulations, it is possible to obtain a multiple-entry visa. With this visa, you can enter the US multiple times without reapplying for a visa. The validity of this kind o visa lasts for 10 years.

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