UK Tourist Visa Price For Indians

Everyone dreams of going to the United Kingdom but not everyone knows what documents need is required for United Kingdom Tourist Visa or how much they need to have in their bank account. In this blog, we will give you a proper guidance about the United Kingdom (U.K.) checklist. We will also give you a proper brief about the U.K. Visa price and if you take priority service, what will be the extra cost for that priority and super priority service.  The total pricing is entirely decided by the U.K. consulate.

Type Of Visa Provided by U.K Consulate

There are 7 types of Visa provided by the U.K. Consulate. The types are Work Visa, Business Visa, Study Visa, Visitor Visa, Family Visa, Settlement Visa and last transit visa. Mainly we work on Business visa, Tourist visa, Transit visa, Visitor visa and last Study visa. You can also download the checklist from here . Click here

U.K Visa Total Process Time

A few days ago it took up to 10 weeks to get United Kingdom visa but recently U.K. Consulate take maximum 4 weeks. But for some exceptional cases, it takes more then 4 weeks. It totally depends on the workload and U.K. Consulate.

U.K. Visa Price For Indians

The United Kingdom consulate has set a fixed price (it depends on the day when you apply for visa, because the price goes up/down, depending on the price of the pound for that day) for Indian residents.  In the Down below you will get the Price Update for United Kingdom Tourist, Business and Visitor Visa.

Visa Type                                        Normal Service                                                                                  Priority Service                 Super Priority Service

U.K. Student Visa                                                                                             110£(Approx)                                                110£+225£  (Approx)                                                110£+1019£(Approx)
U.K Tourist Visa110£(Approx)110£+225£  (Approx)110£+1019£(Approx)
U.K Visitor Visa110£(Approx)110£+225£  (Approx)110£+1019£(Approx)
U.K Business Visa110£(Approx)110£+225£  (Approx)110£+1019£(Approx)

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