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Thailand visa for Indian: A Gateway To Travelers Paradise

Make your dream to visit Thailand with a robust and quick Thalinad visa for Indian facilitation service by GRB Travels. Our systematic and step-by-step guidance will make your Thailand visa quick and trouble-free. Our professional visa management team provides expert consultation and advisory for necessary documents submission required for your Thailand tourist visa for Indians. Through our efficient advisories and suggestions, you can apply at the Thailand consulate for a Thailand visa for Indians. As per the requirement and need for a Thailand visa for an Indian applicant, he/she can also opt for a Thailand visa on arrival.

Our expert team makes sure to keep your required documents for Thailand Visa and quick by placing it at the Thailand embassy with perfection. For that our team of visa experts emphasize on Thailand visa application process. 

Apply your Thailand visa under the guidance of Best Thailand Visa agents in Kolkata

Processing time for Thailand visa applications depends on the type of tourist visa applied by the Thailand visa for Indian tourists. For a popular tourist E visa, it takes 2-3 days time to process. If the Thailand visa for Indian tourists applies for the express category of tourist E visa, it just takes 24 hours to process the visa. The visa applicant must pay the requisite Thailand visa fees at the time of visa application. In case the Thailand visa for Indian applicants applies for stamp type tourist visa, it also takes 2-3 days to process. Our expert team guides the Thailand visa for Indian applicants to choose their types of visa with ease.

Documents required for Thailand Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

Every Thailand visa for Indian tourists must submit some essential documents for the Thailand tourist visa. The documents are as follows:

Basic requirement to visit Thailand ? Cosult with the Best thailand Visa Consultant in Kolkata GRB Travels

  • The Thailand visa for Indian applicant must have a valid passport and a valid visa for his/her Thailand tour.
  • The visa applicant should be in a good health before his/her visit to Thailand.
  • Good Moral character is necessary to travel to Thailand.
  • The Thailand visa for Indian applicants must have the ability to convince the immigration officer that he/she will leave Thailand before the expiration of his/her visa.
  • The tourists, students, or business people must have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in Thailand.
  • Hotel reservation documents and confirmation.
  • Quality sunscreen
  • The purpose of the visit and all destinations should be pre-determined.
  • Keep your passport and all immigration document proper and safe.
  • Swimming costume
  • Travel book and address book.
  • Keep the embassy contact details.

Why visit Thailand?

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For students and aspiring knowledge seekers, Australia has some of the best universities and colleges for learning. Australia visa for Indian student applicants must pay the required Australia visa fees for Indian for their study visa.

Travel checklist for Thailand?

Travel Checklist:

A Thailand visa for Indian applicant must remember the following travel checklist to start his/her journey to Thailand:

  • The Thailand visa for Indian applicants must have a valid passport before traveling.
  • Valid Thailand visa.
  • A Thailand visa for Indian applicant must keep the Contact details of the person (relative or friend) residing in Thailand.
  • Confirmed hotel booking as proof of accommodation.
  • A well-functioning smartphone with an Indian sim card.
  • Any additional supportive traveling document is necessary to travel safely to Thailand (Especially for business visa holders).

Thailand Visa FAQ?

Yes. You have to obtain a valid Thailand visa by applying to the consulate/embassy prior to your travel to the Thailand. But if you wish you can also opt for a Thailand visa on arrival. However, you are strongly advised to obtain Thailand visa in India instead of visa on your arrival to avoid any kind of sudden complications and last minute rush and long visa ques in Thailand airport. Obtain a Thailand Visa in India comparatively easy and hassle free process and much cheaper than on arrival visa. Moreover, Thailand visa in India allows you to stay in Thailand up to 30-60 days, whereas visa on arrival grants you for a maximum stay of 15 days.

Thailand is considered to be the traveler’s paradise and known as the land of smiles. From stunning beaches to finger-licking food items, Thailand has everything to offer for your holiday trip. Golden beaches and bright blue waters attract millions of tourists to relish its beauty each year. The economy of Thailand is tourist-driven, so you can expect a lot of friendly locals to accompany you by making your holidays blissful. Thai cuisine is known for its deliciousness and will drive you to crave more. In the morning you can buzz the beautiful beaches to try unlimited water sports and in the evening you will be amazed to discover the famous nightlife of Thailand full of parties, drinks and unlimited fun. The total number of Indian travelers has grown from 3,00,000 to 1.4 million in this decade. Thailand is situated at the heart of Southeast Asia and its tourism offer the most beautiful and stunning tourist destinations like popular beaches, island, wildlife, casino to hook you up all along. The country is the epitome of shopping malls where you can shop anything money can buy.

If you have a standard Thailand visa on arrival in your hand which grants you a stay in the country for 14 days then you can extend your visa for a maximum of 7 days only. But if you have a 60-day visa which you have obtained from the Thai embassy in your country and continue to meet the requirements for a Thai visa extension during your trip, you can extend your visa for another 30 days.

The government of Thailand offers various types of visas based upon the requirements, travel need, stay duration and the nationality of the travelers. The types of visa offered by the country include special tourist visa, tourist visa, Non-immigrant visa-B(Business), non-immigrant visa-B(Working), non-immigrant visa-ED, long-immigrant visa-OA (Long stay), non-immigrant visa-O(Spouse).

For your Thailand trip, your saving account should have a balance of at least 700 USD per person or a credit card statement that has 700 USD per person or a forex card that has 700 USD per person. For multiple-entry visa, bank statements of last 6 months with a minimum current balance of Rs. 4 lakh are required.

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