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There is no one on earth who has never dreamt about visiting Switzerland, the ‘heaven on earth.’ The GRB travels are proud to bring the Switzerland visa for Indian applicants to explore this amazing country. Our sincere effort will make your dream come true by facilitating the most efficient Switzerland visa for Indian service for you. Our visa experts carefully scrutinize the documents of Switzerland visas for Indian applicants to ease their Switzerland visa application process. Moreover, our step-by-step consultation will make your Switzerland visa for Indian application a success.

Switzerland Visa Application process: We keep it simple

We work hard to make the Switzerland visa application process smooth for the Switzerland visa for Indian applicants. In addition, we carefully guide to choose the right visa category for expediting the Switzerland visa application process. According to their preferences and needs, thee Switzerland visa for Indian applicants can apply for both single and multiple entry visas. The GRB travels make sure to authenticate and carefully check all the visa-related documents of Switzerland visa for Indian applicants to simplify the Switzerland visa application process.

Documents required for Switzerland Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

The Switzerland visa for Indian applicants has to produce some essential documents to approve their visa. The documents are as follows:

Along with the mandatory documents required for an Australia visa for Indians, there are some supportive documents that may be required in some scenario:

  • Leave approved letter in case the applicant is employed
  • Birth certificate or minors.
  • Invitation letter of the host company, in case he/she is a new joiner.
  • If an Australia visa for Indian applicant is a student, he/she may need the admission confirmation and the invitation letter of the college/universities.

Basic requirement to visit Switzerland ?

Before getting on board, you must remember your travel checklist for packing & essentials and remember to put a tick on every point. For Switzerland tourist visa applicant, the following things are essential for you to remember:

  • Every applicants must have a valid passport and valid Switzerland visa to visit the country.
  • It is important to stay healthy before the start of the journey.
  • The applicants should hold a good moral character for traveling within Switzerland.
  • The applicants should have the ability to convince the immigration officer that they will leave the country before the expiration of their visa.
  • Each traveler must carry sufficient foreign currency or funds to support their trip to Switzerland. The lifestyle of Switzerland is very expensive. Therefore, it’s crucial to make necessary financial arrangements.

Why visit Switzerland?

The Switzerland visa for Indian applicants may choose to visit Switzerland for many purposes. They may wish to travel Switzerland for travel and tourism purposes. They need a tourist visa for traveling to Switzerland. In addition, the Switzerland visa for Indian applicants who wish to visit the country for working or business purpose need s valid business visa for that occasion. Moreover, Switzerland is home to some of the most eminent and respected educational institutions. The Switzerland visa for Indian applicants who would like to pursue higher studies in Switzerland needs student visas to fulfill their academic purpose.

Travel checklist for Switzerland?

Travel Checklist:

Along with the mandatory documents required for an Australia visa for Indians, there are some supportive documents that may be required in some scenario:

Before making their journey to Switzerland, a traveler must create a checklist. The checklist should contain the following:

  • It is essential to carry a valid passport and a visa.
  • The traveler must have a confirmed return flight ticket which ensures his/her return to India.
  • The travelers must carry the contact details of their relatives, friends, or business persons residing in Switzerland. 
  • If you are traveling to Switzerland for tourism purposes must have their hotel reservation receipt with them (accommodation proof).
  • It’s essential to carry an unlocked smartphone with an Indian sim card.
  • The Switzerland visa for Indian applicants who apply for the business visa may have to produce some additional documents to support their purpose.

Asutralia Visa FAQ?

 All non-EU/EFTA and EU citizens can stay in Switzerland for a maximum period of 90 days.

The country which is known to many one of us as the ‘heaven on earth’, Switzerland the palace rich with immense natural beauty. Visiting Switzerland is once in a lifetime opportunity. The country is enriched with magnificent mountains, rolling meadows, and delightful lakes that are a treat for the eyes of tourists. Moreover, the country is the epicenter of European culture and heritage which will certainly bring the most pleasant experience for a tourist. The historical displays and natural sceneries of eminent cities like Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne will leave you spellbound. In addition, the country is housed with world-class museums, art galleries, picture-perfect architecture, and world-famous luxurious amenities which have an eternal impact on your mind. The top Swiss tourist attraction involves its eye-melting landscapes and Swiss alps, which are renowned across the globe by mountaineers and trekkers. In addition, you can enjoy the breathtaking walking trails in the alps to enjoy the total impact of this beauty.

Switzerland visas are broadly classified into 3 categories. 1) Short-Term Swiss Visas- allows the travelers to stay up to 90 days for the purposes such as tourism and short-term business, 2) non-immigrant visas- allows the the travelers to stay in the country for the purposes like study and work on a fixed contract, 3) Immigrant visas- issues to those who wants to stay in Switzerland permanently.

If you wish to stay in Switzerland for a fixed period of time for study or work and intend to stay longer than 3 months you will have to apply for a temporary residence permit. The 2 Swiss temporary resident permits are: 1) L permit- a short term resident permit issued with a biometric card that is lasts for 1 year and can not be renewed. 2) B permit- It lasts between 1-5 years and renew is possible.

Yes you can extend your Switzerland Schengen visa but only under special circumstances where a medical emergencies or any special need arises.

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