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We have simplified your process of Japan visa for Indian

Japan is a very attractive and beautiful tourist destination in the world. So, now getting visa to Japan has become very easy and simple as here is GRB travels who will help you to make a plan to visit Japan and make your dream come true. GRB travels is here to remove all the travel hassles and help you to have a trouble free trip to Japan. By following very easy and simple steps with GRB travels now you can very easily apply for Japan visa. Professional and dedicated visa experts of GRB travels will assist you to make systematic and organized application process for Japan visa. Therefore, here is the end of all waiting  and barriers of your dream trip to Japan. We ensure you that choosing GRB travels for Japan visa applications will be your best decision ever.

Japan Visa Application process: We keep it simple

Are you planning to visit Japan with your friends and family members? Now it is very easy and simple with GRB travels and make your business trip, fun trip or honeymoon trip a memorable one. So, before you start with the application process of Japan visa, at first it is very important to choose the type of visa you need to visit Japan. At first visit our website page of GRB travels and then select the visa type then submit your documents online and make online payments after that the process will start, we will verify your documents, complete your online application process and schedule appointment for you. Then you need to attend the scheduled appointment to submit your biometrics and then you can get your Japan visa.

Documents required for Japan Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

You must have the below mentioned documents for your Japan tourist visa application:

Apart from the general documentation according to the purpose of visiting Japan, there are some other additional documents required for Japan visa application, which visa applicants need to produce at Japan visa application centre.

While fulfilling the formalities for Japan visa application form, a Japan visa for Indian applicants may require the following documents as well for smooth clearance of his or her Japan visa application status.

Additional documents required to get Japan visa for Indians are like:

  • Your Passport copies
  • Invitation letter from your relatives and friends living in Japan – with address and phone number. ( If any )

Basic requirement to visit Japan ?

Below are the basic requirements need to be followed before visiting Japan when a Japan visa for Indian applicants is ready to visit Japan:

  1. The purpose of visiting Japan needs to be decided and required Japan visa fees need to be paid.
  2. Must have a valid Passport and valid Japan visa.
  3. For tourists, he/she should have the travel or tour itinerary given by his/her tour operator.
  4. Should have hotel booking confirmation date and receipt.
  5. An authentic Japan travel guide and map reference.
  6. Need to be in good health.
  7. Have the ability to convince the immigration officer that you will leave before your visa expires.
  8. Must have sufficient funds to make your trip to Japan comfortable and smooth and to support your dream trip.
  9. The contact number of local transport, in any case the traveller has made a contact with him before departure.

Once you land in Japan there are some immediate responsibilities to follow:

  1. Keep your declaration form with you that is provided to you on the flight.
  2. Keep all your required documents like passport, visa, hotel bookings, returning tickets, etc., ready with you if in any case the immigration officer asks for the documents.
  3. Complete the immigration process by ensuring all formalities.
  4. This is the best moment to select a proper and efficient travel guide to visit Japan, if not selected earlier.

Why visit Japan?

Japan is the land of ancient history and tradition with fairy-tale in itself. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing countries across the world. Japan is often considered as a world of high-tech with mixture of politeness and respect of their past. It is a place which balances tradition and it’s cutting edge. The glow of the city lives a fabulous experience to its visitors. Tokyo, is the Capital city of Japan and is one of the world’s premier technology hubs. The natural sceneries of the country is worth to experience.

Some of the important places must be visited in Japan like Golden Gai, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Koya, Dotonbari in Osaka, Taito station, Nara’s Bowing Deer. Cities like Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto are some of the wonderful cities to catch your interest.

Those who want to visit Japan in order to fulfil their economic and business interest need to apply for business visa before visiting Japan.

As a student one may choose to go for education purposes in Japan for exploring more knowledge. He/she may require the proof of enrolment of that institution in Japan before making an application for student visa to Japan from India.

For medical issues, if an Indian applicant applies for the medical visa to Japan, he/she must submit his/her local medical report as well as a medical attestation from the hospital of Japan confirming the date of the patient’s appointment.

Therefore, a Japan visa for Indians can now fulfil all the hidden desires by fulfilling the Japan visa requirements for Indian citizens. Once he/she will complete with all the formalities of Japan visa for Indians, he/she can surely hope for Japan visa approval and visit Japan.

Travel checklist for Japan?

Travel Checklist:

Along with the mandatory documents required for an Japan visa for Indians, there are some supportive documents that may be required in some scenario:

  • Leave approved letter in case the applicant is employed
  • Birth certificate or minors.
  • Invitation letter of the host company, in case he/she is a new joiner.

Japan Visa FAQ?

All Indian nationals require a visa to enter Japan. Indians must apply for a Japan visa prior to their travel. However, there are citizens of some countries who do not need a visa if their period of stay in Japan is 90 days or less and when they are not attached to any kinds of commercial activities.

Undoubtedly, Japan is the world’s one of the most beautiful, progressive, advanced, and cultured nations. From the capital of Japan, Tokyo to Kyoto and Okinawa, Japan has some of the magnificent natural, ancient, and modern marvels in the world. A tourist may wonder about the perfect balance between a high-tech nation perfectly preserving its glorious past. Traditionally the country is rich in culture, heritage, glorious conventions, and respect for their past glory. Visiting Japan may reveal the wonder that how a modern high-tech nation can co-exist with the most ancient traditions and practices and nurtured those traditions and practices carefully while embracing and welcoming the rest of the world in open arms. In addition, Japan is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, blesses with unmatched natural beauty.

Applicants should apply as early as possible keeping in mind the average processing time and their intended date of travel. However applicants should not apply for their visa earlier than 45 days from intended date of travel.

(1) In the case of an invitation for the purpose of a short-term stay (in the case that you are inviting relatives or friends, employees of a company with which you do business, etc. for a period of stay of 90 days or less and will not be paying them an income), please write a Letter of Reason for Invitation and draw up a Schedule of Stay. If you are inviting a person from China / Russia / CIS countries / Georgia, and if you will pay travel expenses instead of the visa applicant (who wishes to come to Japan), a Letter of Guarantee, the certificate of residence of the guarantor, and documents confirming the capacity of the guarantor to pay the expenses should also be prepared in addition to the above documents regardless of the applicant’s nationality.
(2) In the case of an invitation for the purpose of a long-term stay (spouse, working, studying, etc.), it is recommended that you start by applying to your nearest Regional Immigration Bureau to have a Certificate of Eligibility issued.
(3) Once you have prepared all of the above documents, send them to the visa applicant.

The Embassy of Japan assesses and decides all visa applications. The VFS Application Centre staff are not employees of the Embassy of Japan and do not have the authority to assess or decide applications.

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