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Hungary showcases the perfect European trip experience for a tourist as it has the most prominent features of this continent.  If you want to explore this popular tourist-friendly nation with exciting tourist destinations you must definitely pay a visit to Hungary. The GRB travels are proud to bring the Hungary visa for Indian applicants to explore this amazing country. Our sincere effort will make your dream come true by facilitating the most efficient Hungary visa for Indian service for you. Our visa experts carefully scrutinize the documents of Hungary visas for Indian applicants to ease their Hungary visa application process. Moreover, our step-by-step consultation will make your Hungary visa for Indian application a success.

Hungary Visa Application process: We keep it simple

The GRB Travels helps the Hungary visa for Indian applicants to expedite the Hungary visa application process by guiding them on the steps of online Hungary visa application and consulate/embassy interview for Hungary visa for Indian approval. Our primary objective is to make a Hungary visa for Indian applicants qualified and eligible to face every step of the Hungary visa application process easily and successfully by educating aspiring tourists and business persons regarding the short-term tourist and business visas of Hungary. proper documentation, and interview qualification. The Hungary visa application processing time usually takes 10-15 days to complete the whole visa application procedure. The visa applicant must pay the necessary Hungary tourist visa fees with the application.

Documents required for Hungary Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

The Hungary visa for Indian applicants must submit some essential documents to have a higher chance to get their visa approved. The documents are as follows: 

Basic requirement to visit Hungary?

The Hungary visa for Indian applicants who wish to visit this beautiful country, need to comply with some basic requirements while traveling. These requirements are as follows:

  • Every Hungary visa for Indian applicants must have a valid passport and Uganda visa to travel to Uganda.
  • The traveler should maintain good health and a positive spirit for traveling.
  • The Hungary visa for Indian applicants must maintain an accepted moral character while traveling to Uganda.
  • The visa applicants should carry the detailed accommodation proof and travel itinerary with them to be checked by the immigration officer.
  • The Hungary visa for Indian applicants should carry their return flight tickets with them to ensure a safe return from Uganda.
  • The Hungary visa for Indian applicants must remember the moral standards and public laws of the country.

Why visit Hungary?

A Hungary visa for Indian applicants may wish to visit Hungary for traveling purposes. The applicants who wish to enter the country for travel must need a tourist visa for that reason. Many Hungary visas for Indian applicants travel to Hungary for business purposes. Hungary is an important economic destination in Europe, and the people who wish to visit the country to perform various commercial activities, need business visas for that purpose. In addition, Hungary visas for Indian applicants may choose to visit Hungary for academic reasons, and they need student visas to fulfill their academic desires.

Travel checklist for Hungary?

Travel Checklist:

Every visa applicant needs to maintain a proper travel checklist which must contain the following:

  • Must remember to carry a valid passport with 6 months of validity.
  • A valid Hungary visa is a must.
  • You must have a return flight ticket for flying back home.
  • Details of accommodation such as hotel receipt documents are essential.
  • You must carry a detailed travel itinerary. 
  • You should carry a sufficient amount of foreign currency to support your traveling.
  • Carry additional documents to support your purpose of visit. Especially, if you are applying for a business visa, then you should particularly concern about this.
  • You must definitely authenticate and attest your document before traveling.

Immediate Things To Be Done After Landing In Hungary

  • You should keep all your travel-related documents ready to be verified by the immigration officer.
  • You should not carry any forbidden items or illegal items while traveling to Malta. 
  • You should always carry your passport while traveling in Malta.
  • You must note down all helpline numbers in the country.
  • You must be aware of the general rules of the country.
  • You should carry enough Euros and keep them safe while traveling.

Hungary Travel Guide

From modern city life to traditionally peaceful countryside and rural portions, Hungary literally has it all. The country represents the perfect European culture in the minds of tourists and mesmerizes his soul with the colorful display of its art, culture, rich history, and splendid scenic beauty. Budapest is the capital of the country and it is perhaps one of the beautiful and visually pleasing cities in Europe as well as in the world. This landlocked country of central Europe shares its borders with Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. The history and architecture of Hungary have a great influence from the Roman and Turkish civilizations and represent their past presence. The country is also known for the most widely speaking rare Uralic language. The countryside and villages of this country offer some of the spectacular natural beauty with majestic mountain ranges and magnificent lakes. These locations provide the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy modern adventure sports and activities including hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, etc. The biggest tourist attraction of the country is Budapest and the largest city and capital where the tourists find the most beautifully preserved historical artifacts, museums, cathedrals, castles, and remnants of its ancient civilization.  Budapest offers some of the most unique cultural repositories, from heritage buildings, thermal baths, and historical and archeological sites. Moreover, the beauty of the Danube river will surely provide the tourists with the most accurate photographic experience of their tour.

The city of Budapest is considered a big cultural, musical, and artistic hub of Europe, and people from all over the world visit this city to explore its neoclassical buildings, Nouveau art architectures, and the culturally advanced local inhabitants who are friendly and helpful at the same time. Hungary is one of the most progressive and modern countries in Europe while preserving its past culture and history carefully. But not only Budapest, but the country also offers some of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world including Szentendre an artistic city, Eger is known for its bloodshedding war and famous for its Red wine, Eszter the cultural and historical hub for understanding this country, Debrecen where you can explore the famous grassland of the country, Tihany- a historical village with its photogenic location. Lake Balaton- where the beautiful nature and waterbody meet with the war history of the past, Aggtelek- A mysterious cave to walk and explore, Lillafured- explore and hike the mountain range, Sopron, Tapolca- The resort town, Tokaj- Mesmerizing vineyards, and heritage tour in Pecs. 

Hungary Visa FAQ?

 As an Indian national and passport holder you must obtain a valid Hungary visa from the Hungarian embassy in order to enter to this country. The visa policy of Hungary states that up to 150 nationals must obtain a valid Schengen visa for legal entrance and India belongs to the list of 150 countries in the world. However, the visa policy of Hungary certainly permits more than 90 countries to travel to Hungary without a visa which include all 25 Schengen countries.

From modern city life to traditionally peaceful countryside and rural portions, Hungary literally has it all. The country represents the perfect European culture in the minds of tourists and mesmerizes his soul with the colorful display of its art, culture, rich history, and splendid scenic beauty. Moreover, the country offers some of the most romantic architecture, picture-perfect scenery, and one of the most diversified landscapes which make it a must visit destination for tourists across the globe. 

Visa processing time usually takes 15-20 days. But the processing and its approval largely depend on your submission of proper valid documents. As soon as you have completed your document submission and payment clearance, your visa processing time will start to count.

A Schengen Visa (issued by a consulate or embassy of a Schengen State) is valid for all 26 States of the Schengen Area (including the European territory of Hungary), unless it is marked otherwise on the visa sticker. So you do not need another visa to enter or stay in the European territory of Hungary. However, you must be in possession of documentary evidence for the reasons of your stay and your means of support. Schengen Area comprises of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

You need a temporary residence document in order to stay in Hungary.EU nationals need a residence permit for more than 90 days. For those who are non-EU nationals, need a residence permit for more than 90 days to stay in Hungary. 

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