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We have simplified your process of Ghana visa for Indian

Having a trip to Ghana is like a dream, but giving a thought about the travel hassles that you may face, how many times you took your step backward from applying your Ghana visa? Well, there is a great relief to such boundaries it is because, now application for Ghana visa is very simple and easy with GRB travels. GRB travels comes with the easy steps & tips that will help you to make Ghana visa for Indians in simple, quick and safe process. In GRB travels the process of Ghana visas for Indians are available for the tourists, corporate candidate, students and job seekers. Our main objectives and priority is to give quick and easy assistance to the seekers of Ghana visa for Indians. We believe that our services of consultation and visa facilitation will help many Indian citizens to follow and make their dream trip come true and get their approved Ghana visa from the embassy. The systematic and easy approach towards making the application for Ghana visa is free from travel hassles.

Ghana Visa Application process: We keep it simple

Are you planning to visit Ghana with your friends and family? Now it is very easy and simple with GRB travels and make your every trip a memorable one and witness mind blowing experience. So, before you start with the application process of Ghana visa, at first it is very important to choose the type of visa you need to visit in Ghana. At first visit website page of GRB travels and then select the visa type then submit your documents online and make payments then the process will start we will verify your documents, complete your online application process and schedule appointment. Then you need to attend appointment to submit your biometrics and then you can get your Ghana visa.

Documents required for Ghana Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

In order to apply Bangaladesh visa for Indian, the visa applicant must produce the following documents properly to get his/her visa approval fast:-

Basic requirement to visit Ghana ?

Some basic requirements need to be followed before visiting Ghana when a Ghana visa for Indian applicants is ready to visit Ghana:

  1. The purpose of visiting Ghana need to be decided and required Ghana visa fees have to be paid.
  2. Must have a valid Passport and valid Ghana visa.
  3. For tourists, he/she should have the travel or tour itinerary given by his/her tour operator.
  4. Should have hotel booking confirmation date and receipt.
  5. An authentic Ghana travel guide and map reference.
  6. Should be in good health.
  7. Have the ability to convince the immigration officer that you will leave before your visa expires.
  8. Must have sufficient funds to make your trip to Ghana comfortable and smooth and to support your dream trip.
  9. The contact number of local transport, in any case the traveller has made a contact with him before departure.

Once you land in Ghana there are some immediate responsibilities to follow:

  1. Keep your declaration form with you that is provided to you on the flight.
  2. Keep all your required documents like passport, visa, hotel bookings, returning tickets, etc., ready with you if in any case the immigration officer asks for the documents.
  3. Complete the immigration process by ensuring all formalities.
  4. This is the best moment to select a proper and efficient travel guide to visit Ghana, if not selected earlier.

Why visit Ghana?

Ghana, the name of the destination derived from the ancient Ghana Empire which actually means ‘Warrior King’.  Ghana is considered as the most Wonderful tourist destination with increased request to travel. The country is full of historical heritage, rich culture, gorgeous cities, diverse wildlife and vibrant beaches, thus having all uniqueness in welcoming the tourists and making it perfect for magnificent vacation. There are also many man made lakes and lagoons which adds more joy to the trip to Ghana. Forts and castles which are like European style architecture are the marvellous historic sites of Ghana.

You can even visit Busua Beach and Gomoa Feteh to relax yourself and enjoy your vacation. The National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Resource Reserves are available for 365 days and will admire the tourists to cherish the nature. In Ghana, there are many museums from where you can learn more about the culture, heritage and tradition of Ghana. The marvellous West African cuisines will help you to tantalize your tastes in Ghana. Overall Ghana is the most magnificent place to visit.

Therefore, a Ghana visa for Indians can now fulfil all the hidden desires by fulfilling the Ghana visa requirements for Indian citizens. Once he/she will complete with all the formalities of Ghana visa for Indians, he/she can surely hope for Ghana visa approval and visit Ghana.

Travel checklist for Ghana?

Travel Checklist:

Along with the mandatory documents required for an Ghana visa for Indians, there are some supportive documents that may be required in some scenario:

  • Leave approved letter in case the applicant is employed
  • Birth certificate or minors.
  • Invitation letter of the host company, in case he/she is a new joiner.

Asutralia Visa FAQ?

 A Ghana visa is a conditional approval given by the government of Ghana of the request to enter Ghana and stay over there for a specific number of days and time limit.

Ghana is one of the most beautiful African countries in the world. You can travel to this country in all weather conditions and climates. Perhaps Ghana is the only African country in the world, that has a stable democracy and strong economy. You will be glad to know that the country is extremely hospitable to the tourists. Moreover, the country hosts some of the most beautiful landscapes, magnificent wild lives, and the great African forests.

Indians travelling to Ghana can choose from single entry three months tourist visa or three months business visa, or multiple entry six months or one-year business visa depending on their purpose of the travel.
Tourist visa is for those who would like to go sightseeing, recreation or visit friends and families in Ghana. Business visa is ideal for the ones attending meetings, conferences or business events in Ghana.

You should keep your declaration and all other travel-related documents( Passport, Valid Ghana visa, return tickets & hotel bookings) in hand for immigration checking. Be ready to produce all the documents in case the immigration officer require those for verifying.

In order to extend your visa, you need to contact the director of Ghana immigration service in Ghana. The immigration authority may grant you a three-month extension, provided you have a sufficient financial resources to support your stay over there.

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