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How often have you thought about your dream trip to Egypt? And how often have you taken your step backward just giving a thought about the hurdles you would face just to fill your Egypt visa form? Well, the wait for these questions are over, as GRB travels comes up with the easy steps that will make the Spain visa for Indians with quick & safe process. We are committed to make the process of Egypt visas for Indians available for the tourists, corporate personnel, students & job seekers. Quick assistance to the seekers of Egypt visa for Indians is our objective & mission. Our visa facilitation & consulting service will fulfil the million’s dream to get their approved Egypt visa for Indians from the embassy. The systematic approach towards the Egypt visa will make your Egypt Visa application trouble free.

Egypt Visa Application process: We keep it simple

Are you planning to visit Egypt with your friends and family? Now it is very easy and simple with GRB travels and make your trips a memorable one. So, before you start with the application process of Egypt visa, at first it is very important to choose the type of visa you need to visit Egypt. At first visit website page of GRB travels and then select the visa type then submit your documents online and make online payments after that the process will start we will verify your documents, complete your online application process and schedule appointment for you. Then you need to attend the scheduled appointment to submit your biometrics and then you can get your Egypt visa.

Documents required for Egypt Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

You must have the below mentioned documents for your Egypt tourist visa:

Apart from the general documentation according to the purpose of visiting Egypt, there are some other additional documents required for Egypt visa application, which visa applicants need to produce at Egypt visa application centre.

While fulfilling the formalities for Egypt visa application form, a Egypt visa for Indian applicants may require the following documents as well for smooth clearance of his or her Egypt visa application status.

Additional documents required to get Egypt visa for Indians are like:

  • Your Passport copies
  • Invitation letter from your relatives and friends living in Egypt – with address and phone number. ( If any )

Basic requirement to visit Egypt ?

Few are the basic requirements need to be followed before visiting Egypt when an Egypt visa for Indian applicants is ready to visit Egypt:

  1. The purpose of visiting Egypt need to be decided and required Egypt visa fees have to be paid.
  2. Must have a valid Passport and valid Egypt visa.
  3. For tourists, he/she should have the travel or tour itinerary given by his/her tour operator.
  4. Should have hotel booking confirmation date and receipt.
  5. An authentic Egypt travel guide and map reference.
  6. Need to be in good health.
  7. Have the ability to convince the immigration officer that you will leave before your visa expires.
  8. Must have sufficient funds to make your trip to Egypt comfortable and smooth and to support your dream trip.
  9. The contact number of local transport, in any case the traveler has made a contact with him before departure.

Once you land in Egypt there are some immediate responsibilities to follow:

  1. Keep your declaration form with you that is provided to you on the flight.
  2. Keep all your required documents like passport, visa, hotel bookings, returning tickets, etc., ready with you if in any case the immigration officer asks for the documents.
  3. Complete the immigration process by ensuring all formalities.
  4. This is the best moment to select a proper and efficient travel guide to visit Egypt, if not selected earlier.
  • Hotel reservation documents and confirmation.
  • Quality sunscreen
  • The purpose of the visit and all destinations should be pre-determined.
  • Keep your passport and all immigration document proper and safe.
  • Swimming costume
  • Travel book and address book.
  • Keep the embassy contact details.

Why visit Egypt ?

Egypt is the mesmerizing land and the most attractive tourist destination in the world with its ancient history, culture and heritage which are impossible to replace and you can never forget. Visiting to Egypt will be the most memorable one. The Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world is one of the tourists’ priorities. Best season to visit Egypt is from mid-October to May and you can experience the beauty of the place and best to make your vacation blissful.

Egyptian cuisine adds more attraction. It comprises several civilizations tastes and spices which includes rice and kebabs, baba ghanoush and koftas which are enriched with unique spices. You can find dishes of fish towards north and spicy dishes in the southern part of Egypt. You should taste the mouth-watering special dishes of Egypt once you visit Egypt.

The most important place to visit are: The Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo, Khan-el-Khalili bazar, Aswan, Hurghada, Home of King Tut, The Great Sphinx of Giza, The Luxor temple and many more Egyptian museums attract the tourists. In Egypt, one must visit all the significant and mesmerizing historical places and witness unlimited traditional experience.

Therefore, an Egypt visa for Indians can now fulfil all the hidden desires by fulfilling the Egypt visa requirements for Indian citizens. Once he/she will complete with all the formalities of Egyptian visa for Indians, he/she can surely hope for Egypt visa approval and visit Egypt.

Travel checklist for Egypt ?

Travel Checklist:

Along with the mandatory documents required for an Australia visa for Indians, there are some supportive documents that may be required in some scenario:

  • Leave approved letter in case the applicant is employed
  • Birth certificate or minors.
  • Invitation letter of the host company, in case he/she is a new joiner.

Egypt Visa FAQ?

Yes. Indians need a visa to travel to Egypt. Egypt visa for Indians can be obtained at the Egypt Embassy or Consulate. In order to get visa for Egypt from India, it is necessary to fulfil the visa requirements and submit the necessary documents. An Egypt visa for Indians can be private, tourist, business and work – depending on the purpose of a visit.

Egypt is known for its ancient treasure and rich historical manifestation. It is the dream of any traveler to visit Egypt once in his/her lifetime. The country is the perfect combination of rich culture, adventure, and supreme relaxation. Egyptian pyramids had been placed in the hearts and minds of billions of tourists across the world. The country has 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites and flourished by the great Nile river.

Visa processing time usually takes 15-20 days. But the processing and its approval largely depend on your submission of proper valid documents. As soon as you have completed your document submission and payment clearance, your visa processing time will start to count.

In order to process your visa application and convince the authorities to approve your visa, you need to clarify few things before the authorities. You must clearly state why are you visiting Egypt?, How long Are you going to stay?, purpose of your visit, You financial abilities to support your stay, your passport type and validity, Your travel itenary, and whether you have a special permit to re-enter the country once your visa is expired.

Depending upon the purpose of your visit you can choose Egypt tourist visa, if you are going there for travel and or to visit any family member or friends. Egypt business visa is also available for you if you are travelling to the country to perform any short-term business activities.

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