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Trip to Belgium is like a dream, but having a thought about the travel hassles that you may face, how many times you took your step backward from filling your Belgium visa form? Well, there is a great relief to such boundaries it is because, now Applying for Belgium visa is very simple and easy with GRB travels. GRB travels comes with the easy steps & tips that will help to make Belgium visa for Indians in simple, quick and safe process. In GRB travels the process of Belgium visas for Indians are available for the tourists, corporate candidate, students and job seekers. Our main objectives and priorities are to give quick and easy assistance to the seekers ok Belgium visa for Indians. We believe that our services of consultation and visa facilitation will help many Indian citizens to follow and make their dream trip come true and get their approved Belgium visa from the embassy. The systematic and easy approach towards making the application for Belgium visa by professional experts is free from travel hassles.

Belgium Visa Application process: We keep it simple

Are you planning to visit Belgium with your friends and family? Now it is very easy and simple with GRB travels and make your business trip, fun trip or honeymoon trip a memorable one and worth remembering. So, before you start with the application process ok Belgium visa, at first it is very important to choose the type of visa you need to visit Belgium. At first visit website page of GRB travels and then select the visa type then submit your documents online and make your payments online then the verification process will start we will verify your documents, complete your online application process and schedule appointment. Then you need to attend appointment to submit your biometrics and then you can get your Belgium visa.

Documents required for Belgium Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

You must have the below mentioned documents for your Belgium tourist visa:

Apart from the general documentation according to the purpose of visiting Belgium, there are some other additional documents required for Belgium visa application, which visa applicants need to produce at Belgium visa application centre.

While fulfilling the formalities for Belgium visa application form, a Belgium visa for Indian applicants may require the following documents as well for smooth clearance of his or her Belgium visa application status.

Additional documents required to get Belgium visa for Indians are like:

  • Your Passport copies
  • Invitation letter from your relatives and friends living in Belgium – with address and phone number.( If any)

Basic requirement to visit Belgium ?

When a Belgium visa for an Indian applicant wants to visit Belgium, he/she have to follow some basic requirements before visiting Belgium.

  1. The purpose of visiting Belgium to be decided and required Belgium visa fees have to be paid.
  2. Must have a valid Passport and valid Belgium visa.
  3. For tourists, he/she should have the travel or tour itinerary given by his/her tour operator.
  4. Should have hotel booking confirmation date and receipt.
  5. An authentic Belgium travel guide and map reference.
  6. Need to be in good health.
  7. Have the ability to convince the immigration officer that you will leave before your visa expires.
  8. Must have sufficient funds to make your trip to Belgium comfortable and smooth and to support your dream trip.
  9. The contact number of local transport, in any case the traveler has made a contract with him before departure.

Once you land at your dream destination, Belgium,  there are some immediate responsibilities to follow.

  1. Keep your declaration form with you that is provided to you on the flight.
  2. Keep all your required documents like passport, visa, hotel bookings, returning tickets, etc., ready with you if in case the immigration officer asks for the documents.
  3. Complete the immigration process by ensuring all formalities.
  4. This is the best moment to select a proper and efficient travel guide to Belgium, if not selected earlier.

Why visit Belgium?

The destination Belgium is a very interesting place to attract it’s visitors. Many cultural attractions and wonderful countryside make Belgium a worth visit place for the tourists at any time of the year. You can plan for a summer vacation to visit Belgium and find extensive beaches and dunes along the Belgian North Sea Coast. There are many museums and collection of amazing arts which will actually enthuse the art lovers. The beautiful rivers and waterways are so impressive. People who love nature will be attracted by the woodlands of the Ardennes, where there is the largest dripstone cave in Europe. Visiting Belgium is like a dream trip for many people in India.

Those who want to visit Belgium in order to fulfil their economic and business interest need to apply for business visa before visiting Belgium. It is also a hub for entrepreneurs.

As a student one may choose to go for education purposes in Belgium for exploring more knowledge. He/she may require the proof of enrolment of that institution in Belgium before making an application for student visa for Belgium from India.

For medical issues, if an Indian applicant applies for the medical visa, he/she must submit his/her local medical report as well as a medical attestation from the Belgium hospital confirming the date of the patient’s appointment.

Therefore, a Belgium visa for Indians can now fulfil all the hidden desires by fulfilling the obligations of Belgium visa requirements for Indian citizens. Once he/she will complete with all the formalities of Belgium visa for Indians, he/she can surely hope for Belgium visa approval and visit Belgium.

Travel checklist for Belgium?

Travel Checklist:

Along with the mandatory documents required for an Australia visa for Indians, there are some supportive documents that may be required in some scenario:

  • Leave approved letter in case the applicant is employed
  • Birth certificate or minors.
  • Invitation letter of the host company, in case he/she is a new joiner.

Belgium Visa FAQ?

Belgium Schengen is a special kind of visa that allows a traveler to travel among all other Schengen countries including Belgium for a maximum period of 90 days under Schengen visa norms. This is a unique opportunity for any traveler to visit any other 25 Schengen countries along with Belgium. Please check out the Schengen visa segment to know more about the Schengen visa.

Belgium is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The country is home to some of the most finest and elegant iconic architecture of Europe. From small towns to beautiful landscapes and waterbodies, Belgium offers the most charming and outstandingly quaint scenic beauty. Moreover, if you are a music lover, you will be glad to know that the country hosts some of the best music festivals and carnivals that you surely don’t want to miss. 

Visa processing time usually takes 15-20 days. But the processing and its approval largely depend on your submission of proper valid documents. As soon as you have completed your document submission and payment clearance, your visa processing time will start to count.

You should keep your declaration and all other travel-related documents( Passport, Valid Belgium visa, return tickets & hotel bookings) in hand for immigration checking. Be ready to produce all the documents in case the immigration officer require those for verifying.

Yes you have to. A type D visa is required for non-European Union nationals for their long stay in the country. Type D visa allows you to stay in Belgium for more than 90 days. This visa also allows the traveler to stay in more than 1 Schengen countries or transit through one or more  countries for a total up to 90 days within a 180 days period.

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