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Bangladesh Visa For Indians
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Our approach towards simplifying & expediting Bangladesh visa for Indians

A country that is so near to your home, sometimes you may wish to touch its ground from outside of your window. A country you always recall through the song of Lalon, “Ghorer Pashe Arshinagar”; a neighbour lives besides your home, much like your home, Bangladesh. A country known for its rivers, agrarian land, home of your ancestors. Yet you need your Bangladesh visa  to visit this neighbouring country. GRB Travels is committed to simplifying your application to get your Bangladesh visa on time, without much complexity on your part.

Situated at North-East of the Indian subcontinent, Bangladesh is the destination for so many tourists and business people who go there frequently. Indians Needs to apply Visa For Bangladesh to fullfill their dream . The effort and dedication of GRB travels will speed up the process of your Bangladesh visa. Bangladesh is so near to our land that, people often ask ‘Is on arrival visa available for Indians to visit Bangladesh?

Are You Looking For Best Bangladesh Visa Agents In Kolkata? So, We Are Here To Help You Out.

Our Bangladesh visa team answers the most frequently asked question by the aspiring visitors, “Do Indians need visa for Bangladesh visits?” The answer is yes. You do. Bangladesh tourist visa for Indian applicant and working visa applicant does need to apply formally to get Bangladesh visa for Indian and we will help you to get your visa fast.

Why do Indians need visa for Bangladesh? Because unlike Nepal and Bhutan Bangladesh does not have any special immigration agreement with India. We process your Bangladesh visa from Kolkata to get your Bangladesh tourist visa with proper document verification and reference check so that the process can be simplified.

Documents required for Bangladesh Visa: (For Tourists & Travellers)

In order to apply Bangaladesh visa for Indian, the visa applicant must produce the following documents properly to get his/her visa approval fast:-

Ask All your queries regarding Bangladesh Visa, to the Best Bangladesh Visa Consultant in Kolkata

An aspiring Bangladesh visa applicant must adhere to some basic requirements and fulfill some common criteria before making his/her travel to Bangladesh. GRB travels has brought some key lists of requirements for all Bangladesh visa for Indians applicants for smoothening up their journey. Even after submitted all valid and proper documents and fill up the Bangladesh visa for Indian form. the visa applicant must pay the price to get the Bangladesh visa for Indians.

Before starting his/her journey, the following essential things have to be remembered by the traveler.

  • Tour itinerary, given by the operator for the tourist visa holder.
  • Valid passport with visa.
  • Hotel booking receipt or proof.
  • Bangladesh travel guidebook and maps identifying important locations.
  • Local person/guide/relative name, contact number, and address.
  • Name and address of the locations he/she will be visiting.

Why visit Bangladesh?

To get the fresh air, and to seek happiness with no conditions attached everybody should visit Bangladesh. For seasonal tourists, the country is offering a wide variety of natural beauty and historical locations. For the self-employed and businessman the country is is economically the most happening country in the region. Bangladesh, a land of festivals is calling the tourists across the globe to taste its authentic cuisine, ceremonies, and unique natural beauties.

For any visitors and travelers, it’s important to apply for the Bangaladesh tourist visa for Indians. A traveler can visit Bangladesh by applying Bangladesh visa for an Indian application form.

Those who want to visit Bangladesh to fulfill their economic interest must ensure to obtain a business visa before Bangladesh visit. A Bangladesh visa for Indian applicant now have the opportunities before him to explore Bangladesh more than one time through 

Bangladesh multiple entry visa for Indian avenue.

If The Bangladesh visa for Indian applicant is a student he can choose any renowned university in Bangladesh for his/her advanced studies.

GRB Travels is honored to present the scope before the aspiring Bangladesh visa for Indian applicants to visit Bangladesh with ease.

Travel checklist for Bangladesh?

Travel Checklist:

Bangladesh visa for Indian applicant must remember to adhere to proper travel checklist before his/her visit to Bangladesh. The travel checklist must contain:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Bangladesh visa for Indian
  • Confirmed and original return ticket
  • Contact details and address of the relative, friend, and acquittance and business contacts in Bangladesh
  • If the Bangladesh visa for Indian applicant would like to reside in any hotel, he/she must have to mention it.
  • The currency of Bangladesh (Taka) and other forex( Especially US dollar).
  • Indian sim card and a usable phone.
  • Any other essential documents to describe the purpose of the visit of the Bangladesh visa for Indian applicants.

Immediate Things To Be Done After Landing In Bangladesh

Bangladesh visa for Indian applicant must remember the following important things before reaching to Bangladesh:

  • Keep all the visa and passport-related documents in hand.
  • Hold the declaration form in hand provided to you on the flight.
  • Essential contact details and address references.

Bangladesh Travel Guide

The land that can provide endless greenery, fertile farmlands touching the horizon, the longest sea-beach, and eye-catching heritage and architecture. From the world’s largest mangrove forest to the uncountable rivers and canals Bangladesh has everything to draw your attention.

Apart from natural beauty, it has a rich history of revolution for language. Historical places like several museums and places narrate the story of courage and sacrifice each and every day. Bangladesh will surely create a long-lasting impression on your mind and make its place on your travel map permanently. The country shares its border with India and Myanmar. Let yourself amazed and amused by the simplest beauty of Asia, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Visa FAQ?

Yes. All Indian nationals needs a valid Bangladesh Visa to get into the country. Because in Bangladesh there is no visa on-arrival facility available for Indians.

The purpose of the Bangladesh tourist visa is to facilitate the travelers a smooth entry to Bangladesh who want to visit Bangladesh for leisure, and recreational purposes. The visa also allows you to explore designated tourist destinations.

The Bangladesh Tourist visa grants you the right to participate in a business meeting, corporate conferences, and trade shows. However, the visa does not allow you to seek employment in Bangladesh or to work in a company.

No. The tourist visa for Bangladesh are issued and granted for single and double entry only. However, its important to note that only business visa for Bangladesh has a multiple-entry option.

In order to fill out the visa  application form of Bangladesh, the bank statement of the applicant must show a minimum balance of Rs 1,00,000.

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